Cannabis arrests cost Wyoming $29 million per year: NORML
The Wyoming chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is working to ensure that the legalization of medical cannabis appears on the 2022 General Election ballot, pointing out that cannabis...
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Man with weed-sounding name busted for, well, weed
The decision to take an early-morning drive with cannabis debris clearly visible inside his vehicle turned out to be a bad one for a 20-year-old California man with a weed-sounding moniker. This past Saturday proved anything...
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Amazon Went to Space, Now on to Cannabis
Amazon’s Jeff Bezos just went to space. Now his company looks poised to embark on a new frontier—marijuana legalization. It was just last month that Amazon officially announced that it was doing away with drug screening...
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FIKA lifestyle brand set on redefining cannabis retail
Toronto’s historic Distillery District has become home to the city’s first-ever FIKA Herbal Goods store, a brand that’s hyper-focused on customers by taking a three-S approach: sophisticated, stylish and shameless. Often...
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